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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have booked with us we will send out an agreement form, listed in this is a clear outline of the removal process leading up to us arriving and the day of the removal. Listed below are additional frequently asked questions that you might want answering before you book with us.

Do I need to pack all my things before the move?

We offer a packing service (see our packing service options here) but if you have elected not to take this option then yes, we need to have everything packed up. The aim is to have as much ordered and packed away as possible, with a particular focus on the smaller, looser items being boxed and packed away. If you have not done this and it affects the time of the move considerably then it will possibly invalidate the quote we have given you.

We would recommend using bubble wrap on delicate items such as plates and glasses, and packing them into smaller boxes. We would recommend larger boxes for lighter, bulkier items. As much as possible, try to use uniform sized large and small boxes, this will make packing the vans much easier and safer for your items. You can also use bin bags for lighter, less valuable items. This comes in particularly handy if you are short on time and need to get things packed away quickly!

Will you place everything into the correct rooms?

We absolutely will! We don’t understand companies that refuse to do this, ours is a room to room service. All we ask is that you have been careful to take into consideration the differing access restrictions between your old and new properties. If you have oversized items there is a chance they might not fit into your new address, so please take this into consideration.

Do I need insurance or do you provide insurance?

We are fully insured with goods in transit up to £30,000 per van and full employers public liability up to £2,000,000. This covers us from when we pick an item up at your start address to when we put it down at the delivery address, and for the entire time we are on your property. You do not need to pay extra, you are already covered with our service.

What vans do you use and how large are they?

We use well maintained Ford Transit Luton Box vans with approximately 650 cubic feet of loading space. Their total height is 10.5 feet, length is 22 feet and width is 6.5 feet. The loading dimensions of the box are as follows: W-6.5’, H-7.2’ L-14’

How long does a move take?

This varies hugely depending on how much you have of course, but the rule of thumb is between 2 and 2.5 hours loading for a full van load (we use Luton Box vans, see above) and 1.5 to 2 hours unloading, provided you have straightforward access to your property. If you are in a flat with poor access and lots of corridors it would take about 50% longer again, although we would offer a third man to help decrease the work load.

Do you offer multiple vans and larger teams? And if so how big of a job can you quote for.

Yes we can absolutely offer larger work forces. Our standard removal service is 1 Luton Box van and 2 men, however we can provide as many as 3 vans and 6 men, meaning we can tackle a huge range of jobs up to small, to mid level sized manor houses. We offer an extremely professional service with 10 years of experience and carefully trained staff. However if you live in an enormous Mansion or are Elton John, we might recommend you try Pickfords.

Do you go long distance?

Yes absolutely, we love travelling! Unfortunately Brexit has made going abroad difficult, so European moves have been put on hold for now, but we hope to resume them soon.

Are the staff good looking?

Typically yes. Subject to availability.

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